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« on: April 01, 2017, 07:29:16 AM »
I am new to forums, but not Lunar Pages.  I am glad I stumbled on this site, it looks like there is much help I can garner here.
I am really a realtor and not a web designer but I did create a website that is mobile responsive, recently and could sure use some help.  Not really sure where to start.  Right now I am dealing with https, yikes this is what happens when a realtor does their own website LOL>  Anyway if anyone out there in forum land can help with design ideas and or how to get my site back to working better that would be swell. I had a real old lunky site, it worked great, but was not mobile responsive, so I made a new site and it is not doing well.  I am spread really thin between trying to figure out what needs to happen as things keep moving forward in Internet land and actually working for clients. 
Anyway my next post will be how to get my to work. Right now it is not working even though LP says they have set this up for me.