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Author Topic: OSCommerce IS easy to customise layout - just use CSS  (Read 1978 times)

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OSCommerce IS easy to customise layout - just use CSS
« on: January 27, 2017, 03:37:07 AM »
I have tested three shopping carts so far on my quest to find the holy grail of eCommerce solutions. I was after a preferably free highly configurable (design) solution and I have to say at this point in time, I find oscommerce the winning solution.

I know many people have slated its inhability to change the layout and design of it but to be honest it is fairly easy. One thing is for certain though - when the boys at OSCommerce were developing and coding it they didnt really have user modification in mind - however u can make layout maintenance in the long run easier by simply adding CSS elements to the existing table layout OSCommerce uses - use table.classes , td.classes etc and you should be on your way to a winner!

Hope this helps anyone considering using it


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Re: OSCommerce IS easy to customise layout - just use CSS
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2017, 07:09:33 AM »
If you want to use osCommerce, which has much improved over the last few years, be sure to install the 2.3.4 BS Edge version. This is the most up to date release, PHP 5.6 compatible (soon to be 7.0 compatible) and is Responsive (using Bootstrap). It is available on GitHub (instructions are on Do NOT under any circumstances attempt to use the latest official release, 2.3.4 ("plain"). It doesn't even run on current PHP levels and has not been updated in years, but is the version most "one button" installers will give you. First check if osC 2.4 has yet officially been released; use that instead of 2.3.4BS if it's out (no idea when it's coming -- as of this writing, it's in early Beta). There's also rumor of a 2.3.5, which is a bug fix version of 2.3.4. It may run on current PHP levels, but will not be responsive.

Up through osC 2.2, the layout was table-driven with very little CSS. Since 2.3, much better use has been made of CSS. It is possible to adjust the CSS to do a great deal of customization. Put your changes in the user.css file, rather than changing stock .css files. That way, whenever you update the code, your CSS customizations won't be lost.
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