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Message Board Problems
« on: December 05, 2003, 04:18:13 PM »
I am using the PERL message board script from, and I uploaded everything, set all the right permissions, etc. But when I try to use the message board I get this error:
Error message:
Unable to write to in the data directory.

Reason/Debugging message:
No such file or directory

Additional Info:
Please contact the webmaster or the server admin if you keep getting this message.
If you are the webmaster, there is no need to panic. The scripts are already functioning and that is why you can see this message. The cause of this error is likely to be something minor. For example, incorrect system path or incorrect file permissions.

So, what's most likely wrong is that I have the Full System Paths set incorrectly. But I e-mailed support and they gave me the path, and I pasted it in the correct field.

The data that the script is trying to access is at:

Does anyone have any suggestions?