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Author Topic: JSP / Servlets usage from Java stand alone application?  (Read 28996 times)

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JSP / Servlets usage from Java stand alone application?
« on: May 06, 2014, 09:36:21 AM »

I am developing a Java "Form Centric" stand alone application that uses an embedded database. The end user performs data entries into a set of forms. The entered data is written to their embedded database file. The database tables are used to produce a set of application reports that are sent to the end user default browser for display and printing…

A subset of the end user embedded database tables shall be formatted into an encoded and encrypted file to be uploaded to my LunarPages account where it shall be saved as a record of my 'mySQL' database. The 'mySQL' record ' key' shall be an end user unique account number. This account number shall be authenticated by sever side software that manages the stand alone application subscriptions. Ideally, this upload can be made directly to my 'mySQL' database from the Java stand alone application…

My subscriber [or his proxy] shall then use HTML to access their account data to produce the reports via the web. These reports shall be the same as the stand alone application reports although the web end user reports set shall be controlled by the web end user password entry…

I have always intended to use Java Server Pages [JSP] and servlets on the server side to receive a command which includes the end user unique account key and a variable to specify which report to be serviced. The client side HTML shall do the authentication and encryption. The servlets would produce the report in HTML form and return it to the client browser for display and print processing…

Recently, I have become aware of 'Node.js' and Java Server Faces [JSF 2]. I know Java and therefore still believe that JSP / servlets would be my best bet…

Finally some questions:
1   -   Is there any concern about my design and it's usage on LunarPages?
2   -   Are there better methods that I should investigate to reach my design goals using LunarPages?
3   -   I see that LunarPages does not allow the Apache TomCat web server.
Should that be a concern given my objectives?


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Re: JSP / Servlets usage from Java stand alone application?
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2014, 09:50:20 AM »
Looks like a tough one. Were you able to find any inputs to this yet?