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Author Topic: Las Vegas Network Maintenance July 19, 2013 10PM - 4AM PST  (Read 5505 times)

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In an ongoing effort to provide the highest quality service, we will be performing maintenance to upgrade the networking equipment associated with switches ded01lv, ded02lv, ded03lv, ded04lv, ded05lv, ded06lv, ded07lv, ded08lv, ded09lv, ded10lv, ded11lv, ded12lv and gig01lv. During the maintenance window there will be a brief period of packet loss and latency while the Ethernet connections are transitioned to the new switches. No server are powered off during the process, but we expect a service disruption for 10 minutes while the new hardware is deployed.

All the affected customers have been notified about this maintenance.

Thank you,
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Dragos Gabriel Fedorovici
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