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help with servlet and SSL
« on: August 14, 2012, 04:18:52 PM »
I'm wondering if anyone has done servlets deployed in a war file along with SSL.

I have a java enabled account and I have ssl enabled and I want to deploy the ssl application, written as a set of java servlets behind the ssl. The ssl is running on a subdomain of However, in order to provide adequate quality of service to my clients, I need to have several versions of this ssl java application running concurrently, so I won't have to take the system down just to deal with a simple bug fix in my code. Outside of ssl, the way to call the application is as follows:
and for a copy running concurrently
where webappname1 and 2 are the names of the war files deployed onto the webapps directory.
and the web.xml would read like so in the mapping section:
in each of the war files, webappname1.war, and webappname2.war
All of this works great, but now I need to go to ssl.
however, when I try to go through ssl the urls would be as so (I believe):

This results in a 404 not found error, however.

I need to know how the urls and deployment descriptors can be set up so that I can work on one deployed version while another is in use. I am new to ssl with java deployment. I am sure there is a standard way to do it, however, keep in mind that I need to have concurrent versions running.
I cannot just deploy a secure.war file and have it work there, because I need it to work in different versions without similar servlet names having naming conflicts.