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Author Topic: Journey from beginner web designer to expert web designer  (Read 1896 times)

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At the beginning of web design career, you always prefer to look for the insight on how things actually work rather than just using the code and completing the tasks. If you have used any JavaScript or coding for integrating flash, you must be eager to know what works and how to add customization in that code to develop your path as an expert.

To become a professional designer, there are certain points you should take care with point of professional as well technical view. Below is the highlight on those points.

Once you learn any software, tools or any technology, the most important thing is to keep your knowledge updated about that stuff. Dead information on specific technology or tools may put you in trouble when it is needed to use all features. You should keep yourself updated about all the features and differences between software version and its proper use.

Whenever designing website, donít just think to complete the clients' requirement. Show your deep interest in each design and brainstorm on how making it better even if your client is fully satisfied with your work. Consider to create your portfolio with awesome designed website with your personal interest.

Participate in web design communities and try to solve technical issues of the other web designer. Solving each technical error or issue would make you technically proficient along with improving your analytic skills.

Always consider yourself as a learner. With point of web design, there are always new update and things to learn. So try to allocate good time in reading and researching new things in web design.

Your designed website should clearly reflect your style. So try to create a unique identity in your designed websites which distinguish you as a designer.

Try to get inspiration from other web design experts. Start blogging and transform the knowledge you have achieved from your experience into content to inspire others.

Last, you should always believe in experiments and the opinion of others to get true admiration of your skills. Take a decision based on experiments and feedback from others rather than imagination.
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Re: Journey from beginner web designer to expert web designer
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To become an expert web designer and developer you should not rely on any  particular software or tool, you should try to learn the technique of design and programing languages i.e HTML5 css3 php, .net and so on