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Author Topic: From Trend Micro Virus  (Read 1257 times)

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From Trend Micro Virus
« on: July 09, 2003, 09:29:51 PM »
TrendLabs HQ received numerous infection reports of a new malware spreading
in the EMEA region. This malware is detected as WORM_MYLIFE.M
and is currently spreading via email.

The email message that it sends out is any of the following:

Subject: Old Shakira
Message Body:

i saw this good ASS,, i sleep 3 hours ;-)
check Shakira ass soory Shakira movi :)

========No virus detected========
Attachment: Shakira_1997_part_1_.Mpeg_.scr

Subject: Fw: Julia Roberts
Message Body:
How are you?
Lexy and Mystique, a couple of 18 yr old bi gothic chicks,
came over and had some fun in our shower.
This scene looks even better on video, check em out at

========No virus detected========
Attachment: Julia_Roberts_*******_toilet.Mpeg_.scr

The following EPS are ready:

-            Control Pattern Release 582
- Official Pattern Release 583
- TMCM Outbreak Prevention Policy 37

The following deliverable will be released in 2 hours:
- Damage Cleanup Template - TSC is currently under creation.

For additional information, please visit our red alert site (VOICS):
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