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Author Topic: how to deal with Web.xml for Servlet of subdomain  (Read 7659 times)

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how to deal with Web.xml for Servlet of subdomain
« on: November 20, 2010, 12:43:05 AM »
Dear All,

Actually, I am working on one site say I have web.xml file for this domain, which is working properly.
Now I have created subdomain say In actual case, I have a directory with subdomain name i.e. abc directory in ROOT directory.
My directory Structure is as follows:
----Root --|

But when I am accessing subdomain, it is displaying error to execute servlet program. i.e. .jsp or .html pages inside abc directory executing properly but servlet inside abc/WEB-INF/classes directory not working. It shows error as follows

I think I need to edit some configuration file but I don't know which one and How to change it?
Please help me to resolve same problem :? :?
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