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Author Topic: Questions before purchasing Reseller Account  (Read 5743 times)

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Questions before purchasing Reseller Account
« on: February 27, 2010, 10:49:21 AM »
Just got the newsletter announcing the new Reseller Program with 20GB for $19.95 and you could divide it as needed.  This is great news as I have been thinking of jumping in the reselling arena.  Just need to be sure I am understanding it correctly plus it will function as I would like my website options to be.

  • I sign up and pay the annual fee for 12 months at $19.95 then set site to accept 10 new websites for 2GB and 10 email addresses each.  This will automatically allot as people sign up. 

  • There is nothing further payable (unless I do the dedicated server bit) until my next annual payment.
    • Your Accountlab will assist me in billing and keeping up with accounting for all websites hosted ($25 extra I understand).
    • This reseller account has an easy to use online website creation abilities for my customers and I can set defaults.
    • Reseller account will reflect my domain name on everything and if so -- does the support fall to me or LunarPages in event of customer questions or problem.
    • Can I set the full account (20GB) to have a nightly backup to me (via FTP or crone).

    I think that answers most before I shell out the money. 



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Re: Questions before purchasing Reseller Account
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2010, 05:57:03 AM »
Hi Patsy,

The cost is actually $20/month USD. You create the accounts as needed in WHM, not beforehand. It is not automatic.

Yes you can pay a year in advance and that is it unless you need something extra added like JSP to a domain, dedicated IP, SSL etc. which you can purchase when needed.

Yes, AccountLab Plus is excellent for helping with billing and support of your customers. I highly recommend having it installed for the one-time fee of $25. Well worth it.

Yes, we provide WHM access and master account access to Cpanel to create and manage accounts. You can create one or more packages where you set the amount of space, bandwidth, addon domains, email accounts, etc. your customers can use.

Yes, you can brand cpanel to your own logo and the reseller servers use generic nameservers. You provide support to your customers and we provide support to you.

No, you can not set one backup to run and backup everything on our reseller plans. You would have to either setup a backup cron on each client account  or go to VPS or Dedicated plans instead. Running backups every night would likely cause usage issues and possible suspension if the accounts get large. We also do not allow backups to be stored on the servers. You must download them. We do backup the servers ourselves routinely and you may want to check out our premium restore service when signing up. It is still best to make it clear to customers that they should all backup themselves now and then and keep copies of their own files and databases in case of issues.