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Lunarpages Newsletter Jan/Feb 2010 Edition!
« on: February 12, 2010, 06:32:54 AM »
The Lunarpages web hosting newsletter for January and February is out and ready to be consumed by the masses.   

 :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

If you have not ever checked out our newsletter, or your are a frequent reader, you have plenty of fun and informative posts to check out this month.  There has been a lot going on in Lunar-land, so let me share with you the latest and great.

Lunar News – Jan/Feb 2009 – We are here to start the new year off right with a plethora of news and details to keep you up to date with the most recent current events here at Lunarpages.  Check out the newest promotions and specials you an get at Lunarpages.

New Online Marketing Advertising Plans - How can you make a bigger and better impact on the Web?  Using the right online marketing techniques, any web site or business on the Internet can become a real success.  Let me introduce you to the Lunarpages Online Marketing Services.

Reseller Hosting for Webmasters - The Lunarpages Webmaster Reseller Hosting Plan is the perfect reseller package for webmasters and developers.  You get full account management and monitoring for a really low price.

Web Hosting Gift Cards are Back! - Some of you might remember seeing our special holiday gift card offer a few months back, just in time for Christmas.  Well, we are happy to announce that due to the great popularity of giving Lunarpages as a present, this is now a gift you can give at any time.

Up to $110 of MySpace Ad Credit, Just for YOU! - We do not have to tell you that being a Lunarpages client definitely has its perks.  Not only are you partnered with the world’s greatest web hosting company, but you are eligible to very exclusive deals.  Lunarpages is teaming up with MySpace’s MyAds service to help you reach a global internet audience.

20 More Ways to Make a Buck - Never turn down a man willing to give you a dollar.  Now sure, we could give you a dollar, however we thought rather than giving you the dollar, we would show you how to make one instead.

Free Miva Merchant Setup at Lunarpages - It is easy to setup an e-commerce web site at Lunarpages, and with Miva Merchant you can be sure your online store will be a success.  Using Miva Merchant 5.5, you can build a powerful storefront very easily.  To sweeten the deal, Lunarpages is also going to setup this script for you, for free.

Add Social Badges to Quicksite Pages - The Quicksite hosting plan provides you with a great web-based WYSIWYG editor to edit, change and modify your web site's content. You can also quickly add banners to all of your social network pages too, so that your web site visitors can stay connected to you via other locations on the Web.

Replace Business E-mail with TremenDesk - Many people just look at TremenDesk as one of the best stand-alone and fully-featured help desk solutions out there.  Don’t get me wrong, it does that job extremely well, but some of our users have been thinking outside the box and using it in unique and interesting ways.

WooRank Bring Better Web Site Analysis - We often get asked by Lunarpages clients, how can I make my web site better?  Now that is an open ended question that could be answered a hundred or more different ways.  Rather than going through them all one by one, now we just point people at

7 Most Retweeted Blog Posts of 2009 - We always love seeing people sharing the tutorials and articles we write up on a daily basis over at the Lunarpages Lunartics web hosting blog.  Over the past year, we have seen a surge of popularity, and also a surge in retweeted links via Twitter for each of our posts that have been made.

Hope you enjoy the newsletter this time around!  Feel free to leave comments on the newsletter, or send your feedback to

See you next month for more great web hosting tips, tutorials and more!  :D
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