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Author Topic: [For Hire] Offshore senior corporate designer for hire as virtual assistants  (Read 3279 times)

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We are here selling our web design services. You can either come into a contract with us on a project basis or hire one of our in-house designers by a full-time position or on a freelance hourly rate.

We can do both design and development, but design is what we are best at. Some of the sites we have created (designed & developed) for ourselves:
1. Free Image Converter
2. Top Classical Music
(both were built quite some time ago, neither was designed by our chief designer)

More information and sample designs can be found at our  designer portfolio and introduction page. If you are interested in hiring us or reselling our service under your own brand, please feel free to reach us at this contact submission form.

Though we'd prefer providing custom quotes to your project / position needs, our general hourly rate for a full-time position is $16 while that of freelance is $36.
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