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Author Topic: The New Reseller Hosting Packages from Lunarpages are Here!  (Read 5980 times)

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The New Reseller Hosting Packages from Lunarpages are Here!
« on: January 13, 2010, 07:57:59 AM »
Wanting to run your own private label hosting company, using Lunarpages services?  For those customers who just need to host a few friends or need even more power and performance, Lunarpages is proud to introduce to you a brand new reseller hosting system for you to use.  Yesterday we launched the new Lunarpages Basic Reseller Plan and the Lunarpages Webmaster Reseller Plan.  Both offer you the ability to simply host a number of hosting accounts under one hosting package.  So now the question is, how do you choose the reseller plan that is right for your needs?

Lunarpages Basic Reseller Plan

The Lunarpages Basic Reseller Plan is just like the previous reseller hosting we provided to you for so many years.  You get the same reliability, support and features you have grown to love.  Also, you only need to purchase extra space when you add a new customer or client.  This way you can keep all your web sites you need to manage in one central location.

Lunarpages Webmaster Reseller Plan

The new Lunarpages Webmaster Reseller plan is the reseller plan you have been asking for.  As I have said before, Lunarpages loves to listen to customer feedback and deliver to you the services and solutions you need.  The Webmaster Reseller Hosting Plan is much more like your "traditional" reseller hosting arrangement.  You purchase a massive amount of web hosting, and it is all yours to decide on how it should be split up and used.  This provides (to the customers that need it) even more room for setting up customized web hosting plans of your own for your own sites, or the hosting you wish to sell on your own.

Over the next few days and weeks, I will be sharing many more details about these two new reseller hosting packages and I want you to feel free to send us your questions about it.  The new Reseller hosting plans deliver to you, the web developers and webmasters out the the solution to your private label hosting needs. 
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