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Author Topic: Where do I start at?  (Read 16222 times)

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Where do I start at?
« on: January 07, 2010, 09:12:43 AM »
First off wanted to say hello to everybody its a little overwhelming being on this forum its all new looking to get info on how to manage a site, emails, spam blocking guess all the things we need to know when trying to start or run a site,easily as possible.

there is no newbie section or welcome section where do the noobs start?

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Re: Where do I start at?
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2010, 09:28:15 AM »
Hi Mishelle, welcome!  :welcome: :D

I would suggest diving into the wiki to get started, I've put together a lot of tutorials, tips and guides up there that cover most (if not all the basic):

Also, feel free to ask away here if your stuck, or have a problem.  We have tons of really helpful staff and clients here that would be happy to help! 

Make yourself at home, happy to have you hosting here with us!
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Re: Where do I start at?
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2010, 09:24:17 PM »
       Here some tips to manage your site.
     1      Start the Dreamweaver program. Open the Site menu and select Define Sites.
      2      Type a name for your site in the first box.
      3      Type the location of the site in the second box. Click on the folder icon to browse your hard disk for existing sites.
      4      Type the URL the page will be published to in the http:// box if you know this information.
      5      Click Web Server Info in the box on the left. In the dialog box, select whether you will be publishing via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Local/Network (use this option if you are moving files on your hard disk or across an interoffice network).
      6      Click on Site Map/Layout on the left side of the screen to take you to the management options. Type the location of the home page, typically called index.html or default.html, or click on the folder icon to browse for the home page. Make any other desired changes.
      7      Click OK when finished (the other options are explained in the Tips section). The Site Map window will open up.
      8     Select Site File view to see a list of all files in the site; choose Site Map view to see a navigational map of the interconnected files within the site.
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