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Author Topic: Sytax for virtual path to correct ASP 0131 error and ASP 0126 error  (Read 4082 times)

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We recently moved our website to LunarPages and are having a bad time getting a password protected area of our website to work. We have FrontPage extensions azand ASP enabled and are on a unix server.

Filename: /membership/pubs/memberpubsindex.asp

Here's Line 1: <!--#INCLUDE FILE="../_private/"-->
This invoked this ASP error 0131 (disallowed parent directory):

After researching various websites, I tried the virtual path syntax shown below:
<!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/virtual_path/membership/_private/"-->
<!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/virtual_path/_private/"-->

Neither worked. Both returned ASP 0126 file not found.

Our web designer can't work on our site for a few days so I'm trying to troubleshoot it myself but don't know anything about ASP stuff.

Can anyone advise if I made a mistake in the syntax or some other error?