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Author Topic: Apache 404 response to a helloworld controller and view  (Read 8919 times)

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Apache 404 response to a helloworld controller and view
« on: July 27, 2009, 07:12:24 AM »
My sample controller and view are getting me regular Apache 404 error messages when I try to use them.
My application works insofar as getting the standard index page from the public folder to show up. 

Here's what I've done so far.
I setup my public_html folder as a symlink to my sample application's public folder.  That much works fine at

From there, I generate the controller  tests_controller.rb and define an empty index method in that class.
I then create a file called index.html.erb under views/tests in which I just put in some arbitrary test text. 
Finally, I adjust the permissions, going to the base directory for the app and doing a quick chmod -R 755 *.

Even after doing all that, the following failure still happens at this URL.

I can run these steps (minus permission and symlink steps) on localhost, boot up mongrel, and it'll run on
without a problem. 

I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  Can somebody please help?