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Author Topic: My Secret to Facebook fans and Social bookmarks(100s of Yahoo Buzzes/site!)  (Read 5565 times)


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Hi :D,
I'm providing this special offer for lunar pages forum members. Over the past couple months I've used a very unique and simple method to gather over 50 000 Facebook fans and 4000 Social Bookmarks.

I've freelanced and sold these in batches of 50 Yahoo Buzzes and 50 Diggs successfully and it's very effective and helpful for sites.

This is a very unique method that you don't want to miss. Not just another rewritten junk but it's a 20 000+ words detailed method. I first lay out the whole mentality and idea followed by my step by step examples of how I did it!

The great thing about this ebook is you don't need any Article Writing, Programming or those boring stuff. It's enjoyable, effective and efficient :D

Actually I'm still using this method. You don't need to invest much time into it. I spend roughly 1 hour to get hundreds of social bookmarks or facebook fans. It can also be used for quality responsive traffic, and more!

The original price is:
selling for $47.

However for Lunar Page Hosting members I'll give it for a limited pricing of $27.
Get it Here now:
<a href="" target="ejejcsingle"><img src="" border="0" alt="Buy Now"/></a>

I'll probably end this promotion in a week or if 7 copies are sold. I've sold over 25 copies with many excellent reviews.

You might also ask who am I? While I'm  very recognized in many make money or webmaster forums like Digitalpoint, Warrior Forum,  Namepros.

Now Take a look at my reviews:
Go to Ultimate Profit Action Guide for the links of the review. I encourage you to verify and contact those people through the link provided. As you see they are reputable members with many trades:

"ElitePrime Made this worth my time and effort and offered supurb help and wasnt out just for the sale, he actually wants you to use his info and succeed, unlike others just looking for $$ Thanks!"- sky2k4

My Review:
I don't get why the OP is lowballing to sell his ebook. His ebook is worth wayyy more than the asking price. The ebook itself is worth that investment. The OP is very detailed when it comes to explaining his method. He's not a fan of blackhat tactics so you don't have to worry about being banned from a site or network. When I purchased the ebook + bonuses from the OP he was extremely helpful and very generous. Not only did he make sure I was satisfied with the ebook but he also followed up a couple days later. Excellent job on his part! In regards to investment apart from buying the ebook, you will need to invest a few bucks. But hey, the ROI makes it worth it though. I hope the OP limits his sales as I can see a few people abusing the method. Overall, I'd love to give this ebook 11/10. The OP goes the extra mile in making sure his customers are happy.

Thanks! - Jerehmeel
...*The first portion of this review has been removed to conserve space and reading pleasure*
In summary: This WORKS (I know because I've done it myself), it can make a LOT of money and it can't be saturated because the method can be applied to anything, including up and coming things that haven't even been invented yet! You are learning here how to take advantage of that and you have the ebook, the examples AND the actual scripts to implement everything. Now go out and make money!!!

9/10 - Asmodeus
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