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Author Topic: Feeling very very unwelcomed here  (Read 5958 times)

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Feeling very very unwelcomed here
« on: March 29, 2009, 10:55:15 PM »
As a reseller I am starting to feel unwelcome and used.  I've seen your basic plan go from 5000gb to 15000gb and now to unlimited storage. While my clients are stuck with a quota of 1000mb, and I have to pay the same if not slightly more for a whole lot less.  Yes, I realize that I can brand and resell it but at the same time you are also making a profit from me purchasing accounts, probably more of a profit then you make off your Basic Plan.  I would hope that lunarpages would like to see their resellers succeed since it's mutually beneficial, but how am I suppose to resell 1000mb when everyone else including lunarpages are at unlimited for $5?  On top of that you provide a free domain name with the Basic plan for $4.95 mo.  Resellers are paying between $5-$8 mo, only get a free domain name for their first account. 

I've been a reseller for 3-4yrs now and it's always been 1000mb.  I remember way back when you advertised the reseller plan as having the same features as the "Shuttle Plan" (which is what you called your basic package back then) but as that basic package changed and increased it's bandwidth and storage size that claim went away and resellers are still stuck with the "Shuttle Plan" from years ago.

So lunarpages, what say you? What are your plans for the resellers?

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Re: Feeling very very unwelcomed here
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2009, 02:56:34 AM »
I am very sorry that you feel that way, however I would suggest that you send your thoughts to the proverbial "higher ups" via  We are always welcomed to feedback (both good and bad) so we can ultimately make each service we provide better for you.  Hope that helps!
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