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Author Topic: Server/Lunarpages not accessible in the Philippines  (Read 1862 times)

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Server/Lunarpages not accessible in the Philippines
« on: February 12, 2009, 11:36:04 AM »

Our server or any lunarpages hosted sites are not accessible in the philippines, I am managing a dedicated server on your service and cannot access my server from here, I have to go through a proxy ip to even get to this forum and I am not comfortable logging in to our WHM through this proxy ip fearing that it can get hacked.

We have checked on our ISP and they checked everything and said there is no problem on their end, they also instructed me to contact you guys to see if our ip addreses are somehow blocked, which I do believe the case is.

I am in dire need of assistance here beause we are having difficulties with our mails and I am the only person manhandling this situation and now I cannot access the server right in the middle of us having difficulties, this is totally hurting our business right now and it is making us look so incompetent because it is so hard to explain to clients why they can access the server and we cannot. (Note that the clients are not in the Philippines.)

My IP address is and the server is

We are also having attachment problems with this server.  I have tried my best to fix this but to no avail (I was doing it when I was able to access the server.)  Kindly please check this error also because our clients are already getting agitated, and now this access problem to spice it up.

We also have tried all stuffs we can think of regarding the attachment problem, mailbox size limit, spamassasin issues, ip blocks, whm settings...etc...etc.. but still no avail, please help us.... please..........

Please contact me ASAP on my address * if there is any progress on this, I will also be submitting a ticket support regarding this matter.

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Re: Server/Lunarpages not accessible in the Philippines
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2009, 11:44:44 AM »
I am afraid this is a topic we may not be able to help you with here on the forums.  I would recommend contacting to talk with the Lunarpages support team about this issue.  If you have any questions on how best to use these forums please see the green forum rules link in my signature.
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Re: Server/Lunarpages not accessible in the Philippines
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2009, 12:42:37 PM »
Hi Mitch,

I do understand your concern that this may not be resolved here but through my experience and even reading on other forum posts here and on some other sites too, it seems to me that there are more knowledgeable people here more than those people at dedicated@ support email and better chance of getting "real" attention. For instance, perestrelka, he/she always somehow makes it to a point a problem is taken cared of "properly".

I see it time to time the support has been on a downtrend and I fear this will take me days to resolve just waiting for the dedicated people to really respond with a logical answer, this is based on my experience.

Anyways, hopefully perestrelka is looking at my message right now or anybody else with the likes of him/her who really cares.

Addendum on my difficulty, I just tried and somehow can ping the server and it yields the correct ip address, I also tracert it and got this result below:


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1     1 ms     2 ms     1 ms
  2    10 ms     8 ms     8 ms
  3     8 ms     8 ms     9 ms
  4    10 ms    10 ms    10 ms []
  5    12 ms    10 ms    13 ms
  6    16 ms    11 ms    11 ms
  7    11 ms    12 ms    12 ms
  8    11 ms    13 ms    13 ms
  9   157 ms   212 ms   158 ms
 10   211 ms   197 ms   196 ms []
 11   220 ms   214 ms   215 ms [
 12   198 ms   196 ms   197 ms []

Trace complete.

So somehow my computer or my connection sees the site/server but no port 80, no ftp and no ssh, none of these works.


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Re: Server/Lunarpages not accessible in the Philippines
« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2009, 04:59:40 AM »
Hello Paul,

Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, Mitch was correct. It is better to handle such issues via ticket. If you have it opened, please send me a private message with its number and I'll take a look into it.

As for the issue itself, I don't see any problems from our end as well. I was able to ping the first real IP for your location from your server just fine. The mentioned earlier IP,, was inaccessible though.  I found other IP to be blocked on your server due to a lot of login failures for SSH. This IP was unblocked just in case it belongs to you. Are you unable to access any IP of your server? Please send your reply to our helpdesk.
Kind Regards,
Vlad Artamonov