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« on: October 31, 2008, 12:29:55 AM »
I wonder if LP could make a hosting plan geared towards browser games.

Why I ask ?

Simple call me greedy :p and it would be easier for me to use my affiliate url as I seem to be stuck in this market segment.

This market segment is so big yet there are barely webhosts that provide plans for webgame owners.

Not all need a dedicated and a lot of new game owners don't have the funds to start of with a dedi.

* Basic Game Hosting plan
   - double or triple in price than the usuall LP shared plans , yet less customers on the server /higher resource usage allowed
   - easy upgrade to Standard Game Hosting plan without much trouble

* Standard Game Hosting plan
   - Guess this would be a VPS plan
   - Again a easy to upgrade method to a dedi plan

* Mage Game Hosting plan
  - small dedi

* Wizard Game Hosting plan
  - medium dedi
* DragonMaster Game Hosting plan
  - big dedi ...

Now dedi related, easy method of upgrade without much hassle, support and info on clustering servers, ... well the issues games have are always the same 'lag' this due to bad database/mysql usage by their scripts.

Now the promote part

- Game Hosting plans come with a library of open source game engines
- Resources how to (advertise game, promote game, etc)
- Template library dedicated to gaming (eg wordpress templates, forum templates, css templates, ...)

Next to browser game geared plans

* Game server plans
   - CoD 4, Team fortress, Halo, etc ...
   - these would be based on users 10-25-50-100-....

Let me know what you guys/gals think of this draft and I would be happy helping to work out the above concept/suggestion if LP wants to take a piece of this massive billion dollar cake.