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Author Topic: Suggestion - Help Affiliates and Give New Customers Something to be happy about!  (Read 2567 times)

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Hello LunarPages community,

Well my idea is very simple, to be completely honest it is not my idea but I thought Lunarpages should use it.

Attached it an example.

LunarPages offers $65 USD to all affiliate referrals, well firstly lets boost that to $97 USD.

Secondly, the Control Panel should have a section for Promotional Codes. This is where affiliates can create promo codes that give there users discounts on hosting plans, free web hosting in %, a free lifetime domain etc.

However, the catch is, the cost of the Promotional Code comes out of the affiliates reward of $97. That way they can be generous but LunarPages isnt losing revenue.

Attached is an example.

Please post your ideas.


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If I'm not mistaken... but that was ages ago...

I think it was through commission junction you could have LP also , big difference was that instead of $65 it was like $100 you received per

Not sure if LP still works with 3rd party affiliate mogols.

Anyway I do like your setup but that would make from affiliates basicly sales people ... or whatever you can call it ... it voids the affiliate mechanism and is way closer to reseller status imo.

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Another web hosting company do this for their affiliates