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Author Topic: httpdocs as application virtual directory?  (Read 5464 times)

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httpdocs as application virtual directory?
« on: September 24, 2008, 08:49:41 PM »
First, let me say that I have successfully created and tested a couple of ASP.NET applications (including in subfolders of httpdocs, creating virtual directories and pointing to them. Works fine, lasts a long time. What I would lke to do now is to have my home page, the one loaded when just the domain name is entered, be a default.aspx page instead of index.html. I'm beginning to despair of getting it to work.

Whenever I create a default.aspx file on my local machine, in a local Web which duplicates the folder structure at LP (anon_ftp, cgi-bin, etc., because I basically import from LP), then add any component which requires a web.config, the web.config file is always created outside of the httpdocs folder (locally), in the root of the Web instead of the root of the application. (Why is that? Why not in the same folder as the default.aspx file?) Naturally, the ftp transfer shytes the bed with "Access Denied" when it tries to transfer a file into that location.

If I try copying the web.config to httpdocs and transferring it, it transfers OK, but, of course, when I go to the site in a browser I get the "directory not set as application" error. Can an aspx file be used as a home page? How does one reconcile the web.config issue? Can a virtual directory be created for httpdocs and made an application? Will LP then open the default.aspx in httpdocs when the site is browsed? Has anyone done this? Should I just blow it off and create a folder and virtual directory for my pages and use a redirect from index.html? (And what impact does that have on SEO, if any?) Is there anywhere at lunarpages where this kind of information can be found (Help, FAQs, HowTos, etc.)? Thanks for any info you can offer.


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Re: httpdocs as application virtual directory?
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2009, 06:30:09 AM »
Hi Scott,
I have exactly the same issue and cannot find a solution. Were you able to find one?