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Author Topic: Read This Before Posting! - LunarForums FAQ!  (Read 47509 times)

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Read This Before Posting! - LunarForums FAQ!
« on: September 02, 2008, 12:28:21 PM »
As of late, it seems a few people have been taking advantage of the forums here and/or not reviewing the rules for the Lunarforums.  So as a helpful reminder, I thought I would gather some helpful information here to help both veterans of these forums and new users lean how best to use these forums.

Where are the forum rules?

You can find the forum rules via this thread:

Lunarforum Rules

You should also review this post here on the best practices for how you should treat Lunarpages, moderators and your fellow clients on the Lunarforums:

Helping Each Other and Keeping Posts Respectful

Don't send in a ticket and then post to the forums!

Double posting your problems to both the Help Desk and the Lunarforums will not get your situation dealt with any quicker.  All Help Desk tickets are dealt with from top to bottom, from the oldest one in the desk first, and down from there.  Please check this section out from the forum rules:

The forum is not intended to deal with individual support issues on account specific issues.  Please note, we can not divulge personal information on a public forum.  Any questions that can not be resolved by our forum members should be submitted to our help desk.  Below are some helpful addresses for use in such instances:

+ this address can be used for any pre sales questions or sales questions for existing customers including account upgrades and add on services.

+ this is for all support requests for existing accounts.  Whenever there is an individual account issue, this is the best place to post it as we will have all the necessary tools and history to most effectively troubleshoot the issue.

+ this is for specific questions pertaining to our affiliate program.

The Report a Post Feature/Abuse - Please do not use the "Report a Post" feature of the forums unless you see a breach of the Lunarforums rules.  This is meant to highlight posts that might be dangerous or wrong in nature, and should not be used to highlight or get attention to your own posts.

Special Circumstances:

Under certain special circumstances, the rules can be bent a little 'bit.  Events considered special circumstances would be:

  • Something about the Help Desk isn't working for you.  Please remember that you can contact support directly at and also that the Help Desk login is not associated with your account login.
  • A big event, such as a big problem that impacts a lot of customers (see example)
  • A technical difficulty, such as you never got an automated response back giving you your ticket information.

Also, be sure to try searching our Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki too!

Thank you for taking the time to read, and if you have any questions on how best to use these forums, please feel free to PM me anytime.  
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