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Author Topic: New WordPress Theme Design Contest!  (Read 4685 times)

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New WordPress Theme Design Contest!
« on: July 15, 2008, 06:24:16 AM »
 ;D Calling all WordPress Theme Designers!

Series 3 of the Lunarpages WordPress Theme Contest is now officially in session! That means you can start submitting your WP themes starting…now!  If you are itching to get started, we are totally serious - you can Submit Your WP Themes at any time.

During our first WordPress contest, we received 95 Free WordPress Themes and during our second WordPress contest, we got an astounding 134 Free WordPress Themes, so we are so excited about seeing how many themes will be entered this time! Feel free to follow that URL above to download any of the 134 submissions, including the amazing winners’ designs, 100% free!

As always, you should read Ye Olde Rules for more information on what has changed, and also take a peek at the Weekly Voting Schedule so you know when you need to get submitting and when the results will be posted.

I’m sure you already know how utterly fabulous our prizes are, but here’s a reminder:

  • First Place - $1,000 and 5 Years Free Web Hosting on Lunarpages Basic Plan
  • Second Place - $300 and 3 years hosting
  • Third Place - $100 and 1 year hosting

Last time, our CEO was so impressed with one of the designs that he chose it as a special “bonus” prize, so this time around we have added two more incredible prizes to our list:

CEO Choice - The Theme that impresses our CEO the most will win 1 Year Free Hosting

Staff Choice - The Theme with the most Lunarpages staff votes will win 1 Year Free Hosting

To enter, simply Submit Your WordPress Theme and wait for the results to pour in. Every week starting July 21, 2008, we will choose our Top 5 themes of the week to be posted here on the blog, where you guys will vote on your favorites. The winners of each week will automatically advance to the final voting round starting September 29, 2008.

Please submit as many WordPress Themes as you’d like, but do take note that we are only allowing NEW WordPress themes - meaning if you entered a theme last time that didn’t win, you can not re-enter it this time.

New WordPress entry submissions close September 28, 2008, and the winners will be announced here on the blog on October 8, 2008!

Everyone has a chance to win, and the more you enter the more chances you have! We cannot wait to see what you guys come up with. If you have any questions or ideas, please let us know!

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