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Author Topic: How to setup and use CuteFTP  (Read 4617 times)

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How to setup and use CuteFTP
« on: April 27, 2003, 04:02:43 PM »
A few tutorials how to upload and manage your files with CuteFTP:

Setting your preferences in CuteFTP
Startup launch screen, Double-click action, Connection retries, Colors & fonts & sound, Firewall Prompts.

Configuring your site in Cute FTP
Create a new folder, Modifying an existing site, Create a new site, Deleting an existing site.

Transferring files in Cute FTP
Setting file transfer mode, Viewing file contents, Upload/download files, Scheduled file transfers.

Managing your files in Cute FTP
Changing directories, Creating directories, File sorting preferences, Renaming directories, File display preferences, Deleting directories, Setting file permissions.

If you need to download the program CuteFTP you can do that for free (Evaluation Copy) by clicking here