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Author Topic: Many, many problems  (Read 2372 times)

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Many, many problems
« on: July 17, 2007, 05:52:10 AM »
I'm hear to register the bad service of Lunarpages.

I order a Dedicated I plan in 06/06/2007. Lunarpages told me tha all first setup would be made by Lunarpages, but until now, 07/17/2007 the server still don't work properly.

1) about a week to receveid the welcome e-mail.

2) Had problems to register my nameservers. Lunarpages forgot to create my WHM account, Ation Gilliam of the support team told me to wait 72 hours for this setup propagate. Very strange, but ok, I wait 72 hours.

3) After 72 hours still was not possible to register my nameservers. The server IP address was not alocated by Lunarpages.

4) Lunarpages don't setup DNS well and important servers like Yahoo! and Hotmail deny receveid my e-mails. Lunarpages told me that the problem in reverse DNS can be only solved in datacenter and I don't have options beside pay for the setup.

I would like to see where in Lunarpages site or contract that says: DNS server don't work in some cases.

In every single problem Lunarpages aways told me was my problem, my registrar problem, etc. I have to find an show every single error for Lunarpages "fix" the issue.

So if you don't have knowledge about Linux, DNS and stuff, to do yourself all setup needed, its a very bad ideia let Lunarpages do the service.

I'll look for my rights and see what can be done because the setup its Lunarpages responsability, not mine.

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Re: Many, many problems
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2007, 11:47:01 PM »
Hi 3pixel,

I am really sorry to hear about your bad experience. We welcome any feedback and especially constructive bad feedback because we are commitment to customer service and customer support. If there is a delay with resolving an urgent issue, feel free to send a email to with a phone number where you can be reached at and a datacenter technician will call you.

However, I would like to dwell two moments on this matter. First, our records indicate that the first welcome email was sent to you at the same day when the server was installed. It was on June 01. There were several resendings done during the next 2 weeks. More than likely there might be an issue with the email address provided to us as the contact email address that was preventing the email with server login details from being delivery in time.

Second, all dedicated servers come with RDNS records configured to the server name in our company notation to keep the track record of servers. There are no limitations on what name should be setup as RDNS record. We do not administer dedicated and vps servers and can not control which hostname and domain names will be used by the server owner. That's why there is  a setup fee to configure RDNS.

If Yahoo! or Hotmail requires RDNS for the server name be resolving to the same IP and this restriction was the reason why these two companies denied emails sent through your server, this obliviously is not something we can control. The only thing that is left in such situations is to do all necessary steps to satisfy the requirements.

Please do not hesitate to open a support ticket, if we can be of any assistance.

Kind Regards,
Vlad Artamonov