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Author Topic: Extended Telephone Support & New Phone System - LIVE!  (Read 5814 times)


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Extended Telephone Support & New Phone System - LIVE!
« on: November 28, 2006, 08:03:25 PM »

Our NEW phone support hours are:

Monday Friday 6am until 8pm  (PST)  :yey:

For those of you who work on your sites evenings, and also for our international customers we hope this will prove an additional and valuable resource for your support needs.

Tonight we also take live our new phone system

As some of you are already aware, our existing phone system began to have issues approximately 90 days ago. Initially we had some sporadic slowness when accessing the admin panel and the need for an occasional reboot. Over a period of 2-4 weeks it escalated and resulted in some major and irresolvable issues. The admin panel became inaccessible to us and as a result we were no longer able to monitor our phone queues. We could no longer tell how many people were on the phone with Customer Service, how many were on hold, or how long they had been holding for.


Phone calls were dumped, dropped, disconnected, giving out busy signals and calls were diverted to mailboxes that were not able to accept messages.  The frustration levels for our customers and staff were heightened, and during this time we have been unable to deliver the usual efficient and accurate support our reputation was built on.

We would like to first take this opportunity to thank you for being part of our community and for choosing us as your web host. We do realize that there are many other hosting options out there, and we are extremely grateful that our company has reached as many people as it has today and that we are able to continue to grow and provide you with upgrades, software, and special deals to optimize your online experience.


Thanks for sticking with us through this trying time.  We are so excited about moving forward and doing everything we can to prove our commitment to our webmaster community.  Above all we strive to be the best and have many more plans in place so we can continue to provide the award-winning support that defines us as Lunarpages and not just another web host.

As always we welcome your feedback (and adoration :wink: ) so drop us a line anytime with your thoughts and suggestions -
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