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Helping Each Other and Keeping Posts Respectful
« on: September 25, 2006, 06:53:09 AM »

Recently, I've noticed a trend whereby some customers who are a great help on the boards to others have occasionally been borderline sarcastic to those who are not happy with hosting for one reason or another (downtime, phone support wait times, etc.).  Please remember that if you have an issue and posted on this board about the issue that you would want to be treated respectfully.  It is understandable that everyone would like to have 100% uptime and response times in phone support within 1 second or less upon calling, while this isn't always going to be totally possible under all circumstances.

While we do try our best to provide excellent support and services, and we do greatly appreciate the help everyone provides on this forum, please do let the moderators and staff handle any customers who step out of line or are disrespectful.  If you are unable to help the customer or provide a positive experience, please simply refrain from replying to the thread or post.  This is the best way you can help in such an instance rather than having an already upset customer become more upset or reporting your posts due to the response you might have made.

Please note the same holds true for any threads or posts by members on the forum whether the customer is upset or not. So if you cannot provide a positive return post for what they have asked about or noted, please refrain from responding entirely to the thread/post.

Again, we greatly appreciate all assistance everyone provides on this forum, so this is not intended to upset anyone but to ensure all posts are either positive or helpful from all who post.

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