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Typo Installation for Dedicated Server Customers
« on: June 02, 2006, 01:56:20 AM »
Hi all,

I've created a tutorial for installing the newest Typo release via svn if you have a dedicated server with Ruby, Ruby Gems, Ruby on Rails (RoR) and FastCGI installed on it already (if you do not have these installed, you can email to request a script install--managed addon customers have 1 free script install, while those not on managed pay $75 per hour per script install):

Typo Installation

First, you would need to install subversion, then you can download and install Typo.  Please note that this version of Typo will require Rails 1.1 on your server.  You can upgrade Rails by doing this:

Code: [Select]
gem update rails
To check your Rails version, run this:

Code: [Select]
rails -v
If you do not have Rake 7.0 or higher, you would also want to update Rake (only do this if you install Typo using my how-to and it isn't working):

Code: [Select]
gem update rake
I'll be making up a shared customer version of this same tutorial today or tomorrow.
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