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Author Topic: Forward different domains email but reply with original domain extension?  (Read 583 times)

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I was wondering how I could forward email from different web domains to a single domain address but still maintain the original email domain extension in the email reply? I would like to do this because I plan on running a personal website plus two separate business websites.  To this end for ease of email checking I would like to just check email from my personal domain location email but be able to reply to messages to my business sites having their original web domain extensions go out in the email and not including my personal web domain extensions.  Any thoughts on how to do this or locations of tutorials on how to do this would be great! Thanks,



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Here's what I do to accomplish that:

In Outlook Express ... for the forwarded addys I create "Message Rules" so that "" goes automatically into a designated folder created for that particular forwarded email addy to keep all business (per domain/per dept.) and personal email separate and organized.

To send out email with the forwarded addy(s) appearing in the "From:" header, I then create accounts in Outlook Express but I DO NOT check mark the "include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing", because I do not need to access the actual mailbox (due to the forwarding) for "incoming" mail.

I fill out the "Outgoing" SMTP info, then under the "General" tab, I enter the forwarded addy's info in the "User Information" section. Thus, when replying to an email addressed to the forwarded addy, I just select that account in the pull down list to be used for the "From:", so that the email sent will then show/use the correct forwarded addy's email/domain to the Recipient.