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Author Topic: New Nav Bar Concept/enter Page, Let me Know what you think, might have over done  (Read 6266 times)

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Hey all, here's a new nav bar concept I create for a enter page to my site, i really like the image but im not sure how web friendly it is. Any advice/suggestions?


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    • weavehouston
I like the overall look.  :clap: What may be overdone is the script on the individual menu items which makes them very hard to read.  since they are already on a slant, I think you could keep your look but make them just a little more readable.

beware:  I'm looking at them thru some pretty old eyes....    :shades:

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Yeah, might help if you remove the line going through the text - to improve readability.   :thumb:
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The image is too flat, the circular object is too flat, the button text looks too smooth for what it should be (edgier), the  area behind the text is also too smooth and the light source is inconsistent (each of those glass panes looks like they're a different shape because of this). You use three fonts which don't go well together (and this is just for the entrance image, a site or any piece of design should have 3 fonts that go well together as a general maximum.) Yes, the line going through the text makes it harder to look at and read than it already is. The text for the buttons is nearly unreadable given the combination of the shading and the typeface itself. The m on music is a good example of what I mean. Get rid of the red 2 px outline of all of the 4 words at the very least. A subtler color should be used, if any, for when someone rolls over it. Also you have to take in to account how are you going to bound the buttons. Will you just quarter the circle, or make a smaller area around the text clickable? In either case it's going to be an awkward arrangement. Oh, and one of my biggest complaints about the piece overall is that there's absolutely nothing going on in the background other than emptiness, and given the spacing of the left and right elements and their relative large sizes and shared colors it lends itself to a scene that is devoid of activity and anything to guide the user's eye around.

Sorry for writing this essay on everything I thought was wrong with your image. Just trying to give an honest critique which might be useful to you if you decide to revise it.
Have a wonderful day!

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Nice sharing keep it up :)