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Taking Cpanel backups
« on: June 03, 2005, 06:02:18 PM »
Cpanel Backups
1. Login to WHM using one of the below URLs (replacing with your
server's name or your primary IP)
2. Scroll down the menu, to see the section (6th section) called "Backup".
3. Click the link "Configure Backup"
4. Configure the settings as below
Code: [Select]
Backup Status          : Enabled
 Backup Interval        : Choose it at your discretion
 Backup Retention       : Choose the backup retention (retaining) policy. I would recommend monthly only if you have enough disk space
 Days to run backup     : Select all for a daily backup, and the day for weekly
 Remount/Unmount backup drive : Disabled
 Bail out               : Disabled
 Incremental backup     : Disabled
 Backup Accounts        : Enabled (it will backup the user's files also)
 Backup Config files    :  Disabled (This along with other SQL and accounts backup would rollback the whole system)
 Sql Databases          : Per Accounts and Entire Mysql Dir
 Backup Raw Access Logs : Disabled (Enable it only if you got enough space)
 Backup Type            : Remote Ftp Server (Accounts Only)
 Ftp Backup Host        : (Hostname we have mailed you)
 Ftp Backup User        : Username we have provided you
 Ftp Backup Pass        : Password
 Ftp Backup Directory/Path : / (This will make backup to /home/username)
 Use Passive mode for Ftp transfers : Enabled
 Backup Destination     : /backup
 Select Specific Users  : Field where you choose the specific accounts to backup. By default it is all.

5. And finally press the button Save and you are done :-)
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