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Setting Up MySQL Databases
« on: November 12, 2004, 05:52:22 AM »
Ok, I've came across a few threads where people are having problems setting up MySQL Databases, so here's a short introduction to creating the database, the users, and linking them together.

First things first:

To create a database you must first login to your control panel using : or
or or the secure logins and

Making sure of course to change 'server' for your server and '' for your domain

You will then be prompted to press a button with the text 'Proceed To Control Panel' on it, This is just added security, just Press it and carry on...

Inside your control panel
Here you see a screen full of information about your account and lots of Icons which you would use to control/change most of the settings of your account, add or update pages, and a lot more, but to create a database you want to find and click this Icon:

Once you click this link it will take you to a page showing you your current database (if you have any), and your current users (if you have any).

Side Note 1: if you have used Fantastico to install scripts, the chances are you will have a database and user created that you weren't aware of, if you remove these Database or users, your scripts will fail to function.

Adding A Database:

if you have free databases and you would like to use one of them you need to type your database name in the 'DB:' Box and click 'Add DB' as shown Below.

If your database is successfully created you will get the following message:

Database Created
Added the database databasename.

press the 'Go Back' button to go back to the database setup so we can add a user.

Side Note 2: When you add a database the name wont be exactly what you typed in, it will be LPusername_databasename, so if your Lunarpages username is JBloggs and the database name you specified was mysql, the database name will be JBloggs_mysql.

Adding A Database User:

To add a user you need to choose a username and a password for the user. You would type these in the following boxes:

Side Note 3: When you add a user to your database, it again wont be exactly what you typed in, it will be LPusername_username, so if your Lunarpages username is JBloggs and the username you specified was username, the database name will be JBloggs_username. The password will be exactly what you chose.

If your username is successfully created you will get the following message:

Account Created
Added username with the password password

press the 'Go Back' button to go back to the database setup so we can add your username to the database and setup your hosts if necessary.

Adding A Database User To Your Database:

A common mistake made by users, is forgetting to add their users to their databases, to do this you want to pay attention to the following part of the page your seeing:

in the drop down boxes you must select your database user, and your database name, and click the 'Add User to DB' Button

In this case The LP Username is nverd02 which is why before the database name and username you see nverd02_, it is very important that you take note of this, otherwise your Scripts wont connect to your database, as their will be authorization problems.

Adding Access Hosts:

If your scripts are in your Lunarpages hosting account, you don't need to add anything in here, but if your connecting scripts which are hosted on another hosting account you need to add the other hosting accounts IP address or Hostname in here, you will find these details out by contacting your host.

To add these you need to type your hosts IP address or hostname in the following box and click the 'Add Host' Button.

If your the hosts details are successfully added you will get the following message:

Host Added
Added Host IP Or Hostname to the access list

press the 'Go Back' button to go back to the database setup, This is your database & database user successfully added. 

You will see at the bottom of the page a link labeled phpMyAdmin, this is what you will use to control your database, and create tables, and fields for your scripts to add their information into. Most scripts (All the ones in Fantastico) will do this for you.  phpMyAdmin tends to be only used by the more advanced users.

Thanks For Your Time :D

Admin's And Moderators, feel free to add more information :thumb:
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