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Author Topic: Mail settings for sending newsletter  (Read 1850 times)

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Mail settings for sending newsletter
« on: November 03, 2004, 10:25:07 PM »

Just downloaded eNewsletter Manager software. I want to be able to send info to my members on a regular basis straight from my desktop/laptop. Currently, in the software, I have setup an email recipients list and a email letter for them. Now I'm in the Settings part of the app and it's asking for:

Smtp Mail Server
Sender's Email address
Sender's Name (presumably any I choose? or my login-id at Lunarpages?)
Authentication Type (none, login, plain) + Username/Password

Reply-To email address
POP mail server + username/password (for authentication)

I've no idea what the answers are.  I've tried searching through the forums with search strings like 'smtp settings' but to no avail.

Can someone at LunarPages help. The layman's goals (i.e. mine) are to be able to send a newsletter to all my site members. However, the layman, has absolutely no idea how to get this going ...!

Sorry, one more thing: Additionally, the software is asking about POP accounts for sending subscribe/unsubscribe return info to. So, how do I setup a POP account?

Would appreciate greatly. Thx. Aaj

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Mail settings for sending newsletter
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2004, 02:58:40 AM »
Hiaajtrade, Pete waves.

Smtp Mail Server

Sender's Email

Sender's Name = whatever you want people to know you as. This could be Aaj or your full name or your nickname

Authentication Type = I would have to guess. =none.

Reply-To email address. You might want to set up a

POP mail server + username/password = Odd that it needs the username and password but that would be the username and pasword you have for this specific email account )

POP accounts for sending subscribe/unsubscribe return info to = This would be if people on your newslist decided to unsubscribe. or add themselves to your current list. You would name it whatever you want. i.e.

You can create new email accounts from your LunarPages account ControlPanel

Please be aware that some people will subscribe to newsletters with the best intentions and then decide they dont want them any more.
Rather than unsubscribing they MAY mark your newsletter as Spam.( Particularly AOL users as clicking a button to mark mail as Spam is easier than unsubscribing)
This would mean that Lunarpages would receive notification that your account is sending out Spam. Spam warnings are taken very seriously and are  not something that Lunarpages would be able to allow as it could mean an entire server ( or ALL servers) becoming blacklisted and to stop this happening could cause your account to be suspended or closed as you would be in contravention of LunarPages terms and conditions

)( 4.4 You agree not to transmit any unsolicited commercial or bulk email. You will not engage in any activity known or considered to be “spamming” or “Mail Bombing”)

The fact that a person signs up for a newsletter doesnt protect you if they decide to mark your newsletter as Spam.

The usual recommendation here on the forum is to not allow AOL email accounts to sign up for newsletters or mailing lists. You can add a note to your newsletter page suggesting that AOL email account holders use an alternate email address or sign up for a free mailing service like hotmail/msn/yahoo etc due to the risk of inadvertantly (or not) clicking the Mark as Spam button, rather than the polite method of requesting to unsubscribe from your newsletter

Hope that all helps.

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