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Author Topic: Need a little help reading my Webalizer Usage Statistics...  (Read 30576 times)

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Hello There,

When I go into Webalizer and bring up the stats for April it tells me this:

Total Hits 67614
Total Files 59382
Total Pages 43279
Total Visits 1844
Total KBytes 590704

My site runs on a php script and so doen't really have html pages like a normal one. So I'm confused by these stats.

What does total hits mean? Is this the number of times the home page has been accessed, or does this include everytime someone clicks on any link or any page of the site?

Similarly what does total files refer to? I asume total pages is what it sounds like. And if total visits is as it sounds (the number of visits to the site) then it's a lot lower than I thought!

If you want to see what I mean about the site being php driven have a look here and you'll see:

I hope I have made some sense...

Thanks in advance,

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Need a little help reading my Webalizer Usage Statistics...
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2004, 05:25:01 PM »
robertisunemployed, the terms you want defintions for are in the help file that you can click on from the weablizer screen...

Hits represent the total number of requests made to the server during the given time period (month, day, hour etc..).

Files represent the total number of hits (requests) that actually resulted in something being sent back to the user. Not all hits will send data, such as 404-Not Found requests and requests for pages that are already in the browsers cache.

Tip: By looking at the difference between hits and files, you can get a rough indication of repeat visitors, as the greater the difference between the two, the more people are requesting pages they already have cached (have viewed already).

Sites is the number of unique IP addresses/hostnames that made requests to the server. Care should be taken when using this metric for anything other than that. Many users can appear to come from a single site, and they can also appear to come from many ip addresses so it should be used simply as a rough guage as to the number of visitors to your server.

Visits occur when some remote site makes a request for a page on your server for the first time. As long as the same site keeps making requests within a given timeout period, they will all be considered part of the same Visit. If the site makes a request to your server, and the length of time since the last request is greater than the specified timeout period (default is 30 minutes), a new Visit is started and counted, and the sequence repeats. Since only pages will trigger a visit, remotes sites that link to graphic and other non- page URLs will not be counted in the visit totals, reducing the number of false visits.

Pages are those URLs that would be considered the actual page being requested, and not all of the individual items that make it up (such as graphics and audio clips). Some people call this metric page views or page impressions, and defaults to any URL that has an extension of .htm, .html or .cgi.

A KByte (KB) is 1024 bytes (1 Kilobyte). Used to show the amount of data that was transfered between the server and the remote machine, based on the data found in the server log.
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