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Re: Neomail Disabled
« on: March 15, 2004, 06:30:53 PM »
Hi Everyone,

We realize that there are many concerned customers with this development, and I want to address some of these concerns in an open atmosphere such as the forums.

Basically, Whether you check your mail via webmail Neomail or Horde mail, email should still be visible.

This includes the folders you've created in neomail, and save messages you have in neomail.

In light of the impending disable of neomail from all servers on Monday March 22nd 2004, I have tested this situation with my own account.

Now, I'm not a regular user of neomail, or webmail at all for that matter, but many of our loyal customers do.  I setup a test account and had it populated with mail from the staff.

I sent replies to them all and moved some received emails to another created folder, and some to saved-messages.

Then, I logged out of neomail, and logged into the Horde mail interface.

All the folders were there. and all the saved messages appeared there.

We do not expect that when neomail is disabled, that it will involve the deletion of the neomail specific files in your accounts, however you will no longer be able to access the neomail interface, nor will you see the neomail option in the 'webmail client selection page'  It will only be Horde and Squirrel Mail.

The only thing that may be difficult, is with the address book.

I created an Address book in my horde mail interface, but those addresses did not migrate into the Horde mail interface.

However, I believe there is a work around.

If you go into the cPanel > File Manager option.

you will see a list of folders. for example from my own account:

Code: [Select]


clicking on .neomail-jay reveals nothing because I do not use neomail for this account, but I have opened it in neomail before.

clicking on .neomail-neomail reveals another folder:

Code: [Select]


*where [i]username[/i] is the account username from cpanel login

clicking through brings me to a list of files:

Code: [Select]


if you select the address book file (text) and choose the 'edit file' option in the top right corner.  You will be able to copy and paste all your contacts to a text file.

you would then be able to recreate the address book in horde mail

however, at this time, I don't have an accurate or fail safe method to use the horde mail's import/export option to import them as csv, or tsv, or otherwise.

Perhaps someone can come up with one that is relatively simple and with a low complexity level.

For now here are links to the webmail developer sites:

Squirrel Mail

All documentation on the webmail clients can be found at the developer sites.

I will add more as time permits.

- Jay