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Author Topic: Spam Assassin is double delivering, won't allow me to reply  (Read 1395 times)

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Spam Assassin is double delivering, won't allow me to reply
« on: February 10, 2004, 03:02:22 PM »
Spam Assassin is driving me nuts. I have Outlook 2000 and I created the IMAP account, which works all fine and dandy, but I am still getting the e-mail in my Outlook POP3 inbox in addition to the IMAP folder. I do have a rules wizard activated that routes the IMAP account to another folder but that isn't it, or is it? Any other ideas?

And now (although this may be unrelated to Spam Assassin) I cannot reply to one of those doubled-up e-mails (to an AOL "update-must reply" address that is super long).

Huh, I regenerated the AOL request, it didn't get double delivered, it got delivered to my inbox. I had changed my SMTP to my ISP's outgoing router, which had failed previously too, but now it worked. However, I will have to see another time if my lunarpages domain would fail as SMTP.

Anyway, chalk this one up again to impatience. Something about computers messaging that they are ready is the same as parents telling kids, "In a minute!"




Added: Just how dumb is Spam Assassin, it is calling my own e-mail sent from one of my domain accounts to another spam. That ain't right! Time to RTFM, I guess.

BTW and FWIW, this occurred earlier when I was about to post to another topic, without being logged in, the forum allowed me to click reply, type a message, submit it, gave me the okay that it had been submitted, yet obviously it was not submitted once I wasn't redirected to the message or back to the forum and I noticed that the menu still said "log in" AND (breathe) after having logged in the topic did not contain my reply. Rather frustrating.