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Author Topic: Email sender getting blank autoresponder  (Read 1706 times)

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Email sender getting blank autoresponder
« on: February 09, 2004, 04:45:19 AM »

I've been getting a blank autoresponder email from for every email sent using php mail.

Below are my code snippets. Hope someone could confirm if the problem lies with the code or is it something caused by the smtp server.

This is because I posted the question earlier to lunarpages support but they said the problem was in my codes.

When I test the codes using my "Windows 2000, IIS5 test machine" it works fine and I don't get the empty autoresponder.


mail($HTTP_POST_VARS["email"], $HTTP_POST_VARS["subject"], $HTTP_POST_VARS["message"], "From: ".$HTTP_POST_VARS["senderaddress"]);