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Author Topic: String Comparisons in PERL  (Read 2033 times)

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String Comparisons in PERL
« on: March 31, 2002, 10:11:00 AM »
When doing a string comparison in perl, you want to remember that perl treats numbers and text differently (unlike php, c, java, etc...).
The string comparisons are eq, ne, gt, lt, and a few others. (eq is equals, ne, not equals, gt is greater than, lt is less than).
HOWEVER - if you have a combination of numbers, and you need to use an if statement, the rules change!  For integer/numeric comparisons, you're probably safe using the normal =, <, >, ==, =>, =<.  But if you put quotes around numbers with non-numerical characters, perl will turn them into zeroes and can cause a problem.
In an if statement, the rules sorta change.  Without getting to technical, here's a tip.
If you need to compare a string in a variable,
make a new variable with the string.  For example, if $thisvar = "yup13" needs to set a condition, then make a variable with that string and compare variables. So,

$compareto = "yup13";
if ($thisvar = $compareto){do this;}

Instead of

if ($thisvar = "yup13"){do this;}

In fact, you're better setting up a condition if something DOES NOT equal something else.  Your results will probably more what you wanted.
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