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Author Topic: What is the advantage of cgi and perl over ASP  (Read 3965 times)

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What is the advantage of cgi and perl over ASP
« on: November 04, 2001, 07:50:00 PM »
I want to know what can be done in perl and cgi and can't be done in ASP

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What is the advantage of cgi and perl over ASP
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2001, 04:00:00 PM »
Ok, I think that anything you made with asp you could make with perl, and vice versa.  What you use is just your personal preference.  I like perl myself, because that's what i'm used to and i can work with it.  Also, i believe a lot more people use perl than ASP so if I required any help, a lot of people could help me.

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What is the advantage of cgi and perl over ASP
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2001, 05:54:00 AM »
 Perl and asp are completely different routes to the same end.  That is, yes, they can both achieve the same results.  Differeneces are:
1.  ASP mostly runs on the client.  That is, when you view an asp page, your computer downloads the script and executes it.  Perl is run at the server.  So, the server's processor and memory are used to run the code.  ASP can be set to run at the server (in some cases it has to), but that's usually the exeption, not the rule.
2. Perl is much, much faster.  This is because first of all, there's no download time (it runs right on the server) but secondly because perl is a language of its own, and runs in an open, pretty unrestricted manner.  Perl scripts can also get a lot of help from a well-configured server.  The VB or VB script incorporated in ASP requires a scripting environment to be set up on the client computer, and is actually a bit cumbersume and demands a decent chunk of memory.
3.  Since perl is right on the server, it makes it a lot easier to send an email attached to a form.  There are no authorization problems like there may be with asp.
4.  ASP is (usually) easier to work with, maybe only because there's plenty of software available to work with it.  But, given a choice, I would go with perl.  I use asp for web-based database functions, only because I'm more familiar with it in that sense.
  I'll soon be posting some perl scripts, and some javascript when I get my site together.  
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