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« on: October 07, 2001, 06:39:00 AM »
I'm trying to install a script in the cgi-bin.

did all the chmod stuff etc.

I get this error when i try n open the page..

"The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request."

When I check my error logs, i get this..

"Premature end of script headers"

And if i try to access my cgi-bin via the web i get this..

"Forbidden You don't have permission to access /cgi-bin/ on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request"

I have other scripts running in the cgi-bin no worries, so my question is, what's a safe chmod setting for a cgi-bin so u can run all scripts?

Is that what I need to do?



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« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2001, 09:29:00 AM »
755 is THE cgi-bin setting  

however some files you need to change to 777 for writing purposes.

Be careful though...

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« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2001, 07:17:00 PM »
As Max said, be very carefull with CHMOD 777 ....

... this mean's Public Write-Permission (also anonymous) ... to your files/dirs

This could mess up in deleting or changing your Files in that dir by anyone ....

Also Hacker with ftp-scan-programs could find your "unsecure" dirs and use it for 'stealing' your space for their purposes.

So, use 777 only when it's really necessary ;-)

kind regards,

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« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2001, 11:29:00 AM »
Amy, if you don't get it fixed, send me a copy of the script and the referring page (if there is one).  It sounds like the problem may be in the script itself.
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