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Convert from EA3 to EA4 cPanel dedicated servers
« on: January 11, 2019, 10:42:51 AM »
Greetings from Lunarpages,

As most of you are aware, EasyApache3 (EA3) is going to End of Life status as of December 2018.  Moving to EOL status means that if you are still running EA3 by the time v78 is released, you will not be able to upgrade to the newest version of cPanel & WHM. The life cycle of EA3 over the next few cPanel releases will play out as follows:
Advisements in version 72:
warnings have been added to the EA3 interface to advise that EA3 is approaching EOL
Deprecation in version 76:
warnings have been added to the interface to advise that 76 is the final version of cPanel & WHM that supports EA3.
Removal and upgrade blockers in version 78:
EA3 and all accompanying code are removed in 78. To upgrade from 76 to 78, you must upgrade from EA3 to EA4.
One of the major improvements for the latest EA4 is the support for multiple PHP versions. This allows the server to run upto three PHP versions in parallel namely PHP56, PHP71 and PHP72 with the required modules. It also allows you to run and quickly update the domains with different PHP versions with the help of MultiPHP Manager tool provided in the WHM interface.
Migrating to EA4 is Easy 
While change is often hard, cPanel has made moving from EA3 to EA4 very easy. The process basically splits into two different options, depending on how much you have customized your serverís configuration.
If you havenít customized your configuration much, this is the option for you. On the EasyApache 4 Migration page, the system determines if your system currently runs on EA3 or EA4. The system displays the available profiles you may select, and with just a few clicks youíre up and running on EasyApache 4!
Migrating from EA3 to EA4 with a custom profile:
The migration process gets a bit trickier if you have customized your configuration, so youíre going to need to follow the instructions in the EA3 Migration Documentation ( )
Customers who are not comfortable managing this upgrade should contact us by responding to this email. Customers with Managed Ultra and Managed Intense qualify for assistance at no additional cost. Customers who have opted out of either of those managed services have the option of paying $75 for us to manage this upgrade for them. 
Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance. 
Lunarpages Administration Team