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Author Topic: We need a bit of help  (Read 735 times)

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We need a bit of help
« on: October 26, 2018, 08:37:17 AM »


We have a domain hosted by Lunar Pages. We have been Lunarpages customers since 2008.

An issue, probably triggered by the overzealousness of a technician has hed us to decide to migrate our domain to some other host.

We have tried to resolve the issue amicably. Lunarpages has not responded to our most recent email, sent last Friday, and reproduced herebelow.



Kindly forward this e-mail to an executive who can take business decisions. The issues raised herein do not fall within the purview of technical representatives.

Our earlier email, quoted herebelow for your covenience refers. It was sent on the 9th. September 2018, and acknowledged on the 13th. of September 2018. The courtesy of a response is still awaited.

Not recieving any response from Lunarpages, we are constrained to make the following proposal regarding the issue being discussed:

1. Place a cap of 455 GB, (Four Hundred and Fifty-five GigaBytes) the volume of data that was in prior to the unwarranted deletions  on the pretext of "excessive content".
2. Confirm to us if the deleted data is available to you for restoration.
If the deleted data is not available with Lunarpages, convey the same to us so that we can begin uploading it to the relevant Forums directories.
3. In case Lunarpages doesn't find it in themselves to honour their unlimited account with us, convey the same to us. In this case we will:

1. Migrate our domain to another hosting company, with which we already have an ongoing business arrangement.
2. We will seek redress for the unwarranted deletions through but not limited to the Better Business Bureau, The Federal Trade Commission, The Federal Communication Commission, The United States Embassy and Consular Offices in Pakistan, and report Lunarpages for mislabeling to all concerned regulators including ICCAN.
3. Initiate a Social Media Campaign to create awareness of what "Unlimited" means in the context of hosting companies' web-sites blurbs, and cite as an example what Lunarpages has done to our for the public good, not-for-profit, FREE and FREE-to-access,  educational Forums.   
We will wait till Friday next (Pakistan Time) for a response from Lunarpages.


We shall be obliged if Members here recommend a hosting company based on their experience.


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Re: We need a bit of help
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2018, 09:18:28 AM »
Please do NOT discuss other hosts here. Such posts will be immediately removed, and members writing them may be subject to banning as spammers.

I don't know what issues you've been having with LP, but it's not uncommon to face actions when your CPU usage rises too high. It is generally agreed that "unlimited" hosting that is still subject to limits on CPU usage is misleading at best, if no mention is made of CPU limits, but that seems to be industry standard practice. Perhaps laws are needed to mandate that what limits do exist be clearly stated in advertising and promotional literature. Of course, there must be limits: what if Amazon tried running its site on a shared server? (Never mind that performance would be miserable!)

At times, LP has had tech support which is overzealous in recommending a more expensive hosting plan, and has not done enough to help customers determine exactly what is causing high CPU usage. If you simply have a very popular site, that has a lot of database use (e.g., Wordpress), you may actually have grown beyond the capacity of a shared server, and really need to move up to something more capable. You mentioned deleted files -- that's not normally done, unless the techs feel that it was something planted by a hacker, and poses a real risk to the server's stability and the usability by other customers on that server. Anyway, it is incumbent upon you to thoroughly examine your site (bring in professional help, if necessary) to determine the cause of high CPU usage. In my case, it was Chinese government hacker squads heavily hitting my forum (probably looking to spread misinformation ahead of our elections). I had to ban a large range of IP addresses to bring the problem under control -- you may be able to do the same thing. Also make sure all your software is up to date, including any plug-ins or other optional code.

As for threats of legal action, and social media campaigns against LP, I don't know how much leverage you'll have, being in another country.  I hope you can resolve the issue and get stabilized, but if you can't, you may just have to move.
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