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Author Topic: Of Backward Compatibility, User-frienliness etc. The cPanel Paper Lantern Theme  (Read 7937 times)

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I am not a software person. I have been using computers since 1980 and the Internet since 1985. I have used the Windows, Apple IOS and Linux platforms.

Apart from a very limited number of exceptions (in fact only one) I always prefer the latest version of software. The exception that has shown up, is the cPanel Paper Lantern Theme.

Not being a software person, I cannot comment upon its merits or demerits, except the user-friendliness aspect. I myself, and barring one, all the rest of my volunteer team are highly uncomfortable with it.

One of the major features that we love about the X3 Theme was the ability to right click files and open them from within the cPanel. There is either something we haven't discovered, or the right click functionality to view files in a new tab does not exist in the Paper Lantern Theme. This itself is a major issue.

Earlier, we had requested we be reverted to the X3 theme, and this was granted. This time we are being told that the X3 Theme is no longer available.

Premier providers of software always allow for reversion to earlier versions. Why not cPanel, or whoever manages the development of the cPanel interface?

Would love to be enlightened.


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When you say "right click to open", do you mean "to run the program", as opposed to editing it (looking at the source)? I'm not sure I ever used it to run a program. Of course, right-click on a file brings up the menu which includes "Edit" and "View" (read-only editor), but nothing which seems to run a file. I really don't recall if there ever was a "Run" selection (if there was, I never used it). I can understand why cPanel would have removed such a function, as it greatly complicates the system. What sort of files are you looking to "run" from the File Manager? If it's something to be run on the command line, some accounts have SSH or some other command line capability, and you can always fire up a one-time cron job to run something on the command line. Would that do it for you?
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