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Please Donate
« on: March 12, 2018, 01:14:05 AM »

Please Donate

Greetings from Pakistan

First things first. We never ask for cash, and we never accept cash donations.

So, what sort of donations are we requesting?

Through our hosted domain at LunarPages, we operate a fistful of broadly categorized subject specific SMF Forums that are FREE to access. These Forums are known as Aafaque Ehsen's IdeaMines Sites and provide quality educational material to seekers of knowledge worldwide. IdeaMines is a for the public good, not for profit collaborative collective. Our forte is that we provide as much diversity as possible within the ambit of a broad subject category, so that users can access diverse and even diametrically opposed points of view regarding the umbrella subject. In toto, our Forums currently have so much textual and audio-visual material that we keep getting EXCESS CONTENT warnings from LP Technical Support Representatives in spite of the fact that our hosting plan allows for unlimited space and traffic. The foregoing is an aside.

We seek donations of textual material as PDF or other such reader files and or rare audio-visual content. We specially look for works that are historically significant in the development and evolution of a subject or sub-discipline thereof.

If Members here have such material in their possession and/or access to links to such material, we shall be highly obliged if these are emailed to

All the IdeaMines Sites may be accessed by following this link",161.0.html

Thank you and regards.

Aafaque Ehsen
Senior Principal
The IdeaMines Collective