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Author Topic: Outlook causing too many invalid IMAP logins when traveling.  (Read 9047 times)

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Outlook causing too many invalid IMAP logins when traveling.
« on: March 08, 2018, 07:14:41 PM »
I've got a user with Outlook 2016 on a Windows 10 notebook using IMAP. He doesn't have any problem at the office or his home. But, when he travels to hotels he can't get his emails and has to create a ticket to have the hotel's IP unblocked. When support replies to the ticket they always say that the IP was blocked due to too many invalid IMAP logins. Sometimes he even has to put in another ticket the next morning as it has already been blocked again. Support won't provide any help and just says "too many invalid IMAP logins." Outlook has the password stored, so it is not him having a problem typing his password. He does have 2.6GB of emails stored. Don't suggest reducing, as it has proven him right in too many arguments. Plus we have another user with 6GB and no problems, though he doesn't travel. He is on the edge of being frustrated enough to dump Lunarpages.  :(  Anyone have any solutions?   :whip:   :help:
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Re: Outlook causing too many invalid IMAP logins when traveling.
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2018, 08:24:22 AM »
I'm no expert on the subject, but here are some random thoughts to check out (or at least, ponder):
  • Does this happen anywhere he travels, or just a few problem hotels? E.g., if he's in Russia or Ukraine, those places are full of spammers and hackers. Tell Jared he should use a State Department-issued system  haha.
  • How finely does the IP address resolve -- i.e., is it just his laptop, just the hotel, or a wide swath of the country?
  • I don't doubt that he is entering his password correctly, but if a bunch of hackers are also on the same IP (see above), that could be tripping something protective.
  • Is this setup compatible with a hotel or local provider who is constantly changing the IP address (dynamic assignment), or is the IP address fixed for long periods? Maybe something in IMAP or Outlook just doesn't like that.
  • If a different user (someone else) signs on with the same IP address, could that get the system confused (i.e., it's trying to cache IDs and IPs, and constantly getting mismatches)?

He is on the edge of being frustrated enough...
I assume that "he" refers to the Traveling Wilbury with 2.6GB, and not the non-traveling 6GB guy?

Hope the above may give a clue to someone about how to deal with the problem.
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