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Title: Excessive MSSQL usage?
Post by: Comet Software on January 15, 2012, 01:51:22 PM
We have a Windows shared hosting plan and a relatively new ASP.NET application.  We have set up a number of VBScript files to run overnight via Task Scheduler, with several starting at the same time.  About once a month, the ASP.NET application stops and VBScripts fail because of a problem with the MSSQL database and we have to get Lunarpages support to "fix" the database.  We have not been able to figure out the problem and things have turned to examining the database usage of these VBScript files.

The errors in the Scheduler console output files are consistent and basically say that the database cannot be opened or accessed.  We have had at least one occasion when the VBScripts ran fine one hour but failed to run the next hour - and no changes were made to the system by a developer.  The last time we requested a change, we requested that the application automatically restarts every 3 hours.  We are not able to access the database via myLittleAdmin when the problem occurs.  This indicates that it is not an ASP.NET or a VBScript problem, but, a MSSQL problem.  Yes - we understand that the problem can be in our ASP.NET and/or VBScript code, but, we mean that we can start/run ASP.NET and VBScript but the problem is revealed only when the database is accessed.

We have yet to see an error indicating that something "just" happened and the result is a problem with the database.  That is, typically we would have a Scheduler console output file showing a VBScript running to completion without error but the next VBScript has an error upon the first access/usage of the database.


Does anyone have experience with multiple VBScript files simultaneously accessing the same MSSQL database and causing a problem with the database?

What sort of database/usage parameters (such as number of: database tables, table rows, open connections, rows retrieved in a query, queries per minute, etc.) would be "large" or "excessive" - possibly leading to problems?

How does Lunarpages compare to other hosts concerning these "parameters"?
Title: Re: Excessive MSSQL usage?
Post by: Comet Software on February 03, 2012, 01:40:29 PM
We have not been able to get Lunarpages tech support to quantify this information for us.  The best number that they have presented to us is that our tasks are generating 19,000 reads/writes over a 6 minute period (although the information on the trace is not that clear).  Several times they have recommended that we upgrade to a dedicated server, but, have not presented data to actually tell us that there are different thresholds for "excessive" in their hosting packages.

They have also not defined what it is that happens to our database or what they do to fix that problem - that is, is there a "name" or "label" such that we can use a word different from "problem"?  Knowing this information would be helpful in determining and researching what we are doing to cause the problem and/or if this is a common problem with MSSQL databases on Lunarpages and/or this is a common problem that all web hosts have with MSSQL databases.

Also, they have not specifically told us that upgrading to a dedicated server would prevent this from happening (or at least reduce the frequency).  That would be a large expense for such a small database without the knowledge that this would solve the problem.

This is the data that we have given them concerning the database:

"That database has 22 tables, with 16 of those with less than 10 rows.  One table is 2323 rows and another is 492 rows, but, they are basically system log tables with the only activity being 1 row appended at a time.  The table with the most activity during those tasks has 219 rows."

Anybody have any thoughts?
Title: Re: Excessive MSSQL usage?
Post by: Comet Software on February 16, 2012, 11:03:14 AM
It would seem that Lunarpages technical support is refusing to tell us the technical name of this problem and the technical name of what they are doing to fix the problem.

This is quite discouraging because it conveys one or more messages - intentionally or unintentional.  First, they don't know the answers.  If they don't have the technical expertise to diagnose the problem and then don't know what they did to fix the problem, that does not give us faith in their abilities as a MSSQL web host.  But, telling us that they don't know at least gives us a little bit more information - but they have not done that.  Second, they know but refuse to tell us.  They have not told us that they are doing this and we don't know why they would take this stance.  What can it hurt to tell us this information?  They have recommended that we upgrade to a dedicated server, but, have not provided any proof that would fix the problem.  If we knew what the problem was and/or what was done to fix the problem, it would allow us to make a more informed decision as to what type of web hosting service they we need - with Lunarpages or with another web host.  Third, it is not part of their responsibilities to tell us this information.  Fine, we will find and move to a web host that will tell us this information.  We are not asking them to diagnose and fix any coding that we have done.  We have simply asked them to tell us the name/term of what they find and the name/term of what they do to fix it.  If this information is proprietary and/or protected by law, then, tell us that.  If the issue is the time to tell us, they would have saved a lot more time by simply telling us at the very beginning.

Has anybody else had these types of issues with technical support?