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Title: Hello, I'm Benjamin from :D
Post by: on August 05, 2010, 08:24:42 PM
My name is Benjamin and I recently purchased or acquired a .co domain name at the landrush. I was fortunate to pick up,, All of which great names to develop or flip. I've decided to sell and to find a buyer;pm me if you want them cheap).

But because of my previous experience with finding hosting where I spent weeks in if not months trying to find and research hosts or general information. I thought I've picked up enough information to tackle this topic. I also quite like looking at hosting offers and reading reviews and feedback so I thought this is the best option to develop a site!

I'm also considering putting Lunar Page Hosting on it if I can find enough reviews. I'm trying to create a page of suggestions for each host which I believe deserve to be mentioned with all the reviews I can find on them good or bad but on one condition. It has to be reliable backed up with nameservers of websites :D

So here I am :D I'm here because I want to learn a little more about both hosting as well as join in the community as well as my alternative to productive procrastinating. I always procrastinate to a little extend so I thought why not make it productive. How am I being productive?  Well look at my sig :D

I do encourage you to check it out at: