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Title: How to Become More Familiar with the LPCP
Post by: Mitch on August 17, 2009, 04:44:39 AM
Want to become more familiar with the Lunarpages LPCP control panel?  Here are some of the most popular tutorials and topics about this web site back-end management software, so that you too can learn how to master it.

What Does the LPCP Look Like? (Screenshot) (
Are you wondering what the LPCP control panel interface looks like? This gateway into your web hosting account is a fully functional web hosting account headquarters will help you get every task you might need to accomplish on the server side of your Lunarpages web hosting account done.

How to Setup Addon Domains in LPCP (
Setting up an additional domain name (or often called addon domain) in the LPCP is easy to do. Here are the four easy steps to take to get an addon domain added to your LPCP-powered web hosting plan.

LPCP Video Web Hosting Tutorials (
We have put together a great number of video tutorials for you to use and learn from on and about the LPCP control panel.

How Do You Login to the LPCP Directly? (
To gain access to the LPCP, we have included three example URLs you can use to gain access to this control panel.

How Can I Get One-Click Install Access to Other Scripts? (
How do you install new third party scripts from within the LPCP control panel? This is a very easy thing to do, and will have you up and running with your own forum, photo gallery, blog and more in just a few steps. This takes away from the hassle of creating databases, uploading content and all the other confusing steps that many third party scripts make you go through to get them installed.

For more LPCP help and tips, be sure to check out the LPCP section of the Lunarforums (, or our section dedicated to the LPCP on the Lunarpages web hosting wiki (