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Title: Forum Rules
Post by: amy on January 05, 2006, 08:53:32 PM
Hi all,

These are some guidelines for the forum to help our customers with what the purpose of the forum is as well as to determine what is and is not allowed on the forums.

This forum is for our customers to assist one another with issues prior to submitting a support ticket or for assistance on issues not supported by Lunarpages customer service such as scripting issues.  While Lunarpages staff frequents these forums, we do not have dedicated staff members monitoring the forums at all times.  They are on the phones and support tickets.  The bulk of the support here comes from our community comprised of our customers and our customer moderators.

The forum is not intended to deal with individual support issues on account specific issues.  Please note, we can not divulge personal information on a public forum.  Any questions that can not be resolved by our forum members should be submitted to our help desk.  Below are some helpful addresses for use in such instances: – this address can be used for any pre sales questions or sales questions for existing customers including account upgrades and add on services. – this is for all support requests for existing accounts.  Whenever there is an individual account issue, this is the best place to post it as we will have all the necessary tools and history to most effectively troubleshoot the issue. – this is for specific questions pertaining to our affiliate program.

All staff on the forums are designated by the word "Administrator" in their member title so you can be sure who is and is not staff.  Likewise, our customer moderators will have the title “moderator” in their titles.

Feel free to:

• Keep the thread positive and constructive
• Ask for help with web related programs such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Fantastico, Scripts, etc.
• Ask for help with usage type questions related to our services such as “how do I set up my email?” or “what does a parked domain do”?
• Chit chat with other customers about non Lunarpages issues in the chat section
• If you are a member you can advertise services that do not compete with current Lunarpages offerings in the “Services and Trade” forum. 
• Answer questions/concerns of other members
• Tell us how wonderful we are
• Give us constructive criticism and suggestions

But these are frowned upon:

• Flames, harassment, abuse of other members or staff
• Spamming or advertising that does not comply with the services and trade section
• Profanity and vulgarity.  This is a forum frequented by many age groups, let’s keep it clean and civil.
• Divulging personal data in public
• Discussing competitors
• Posting your affiliate link in posts or your signature or encourage presales customers on the forum to go through your link to purchase hosting
• Abusing the "Report a post" feature to use it for other then its intended purpose

Our staff and moderators do watch the board to ensure compliance and will edit or remove posts that do not comply with the guidelines above.  We reserve the right to remove any post at any time at our own discretion. We reserve the right to remove any member’s posting privileges at any time for abuse of the board.

Thank you for adhering to these rules and we hope the forums and this community are a positive place for you.